Fiber laser tube cutting machine

2023-01-28 17:06 Raychlaser

The introduction of Fiber laser tube cutting machine

Plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine is widely used in machinery manufacturing, sports equipment, aerospace and other fields. It’s made for some customers who needs are often to cut board, occasionally cut pipe.Or sometimes cutting plate and sometimes cutting pipe. One machine with two uses, not only to meet the needs of plate cutting, and also to meet the requirements of pipe cutting.Convenient and efficient, more time saving.It sets plate and pipe cutting function in one, one machine dual-use processing ability is strong, more widely used;Compared to using two machines at the same time, the purchase cost can be saved by 40%, the floor space can be saved by 50%, and the initial investment can be effectively reduced.

The advantages of fiber laser tube cutting machine

Its simple integrated design, small footprint, flexible placement, integrated electric cabinet, rapid production.The plate and tube integrated machine is efficient and time-saving, with good cutting quality and electric chuck, saving time and effort.It also takes into account the function of laser cutting machine and laser pipe cutting machine, can complete cutting sheet metal and metal pipe, but because of its compatibility problems, there is no single function in the range of cutting metal thickness or diameter of the pipe range powerful, they can easily help most users to solve the actual problem.
The main machine of the fiber laser plate and tube cutting machine consists of a bed, a beam, an exchange table, a Z-axis device, an operation and control part, a gas and water way, etc.

The composition of Fiber laser tube cutting machine

Pipe cutting machine part adopts the left end of the plate to add all the pipe device, pipe cutting is limited to round pipe, square pipe and rectangular pipe section.Front-end chuck and back-end chuck adopt automatic clamping mode.Dual chucks are driven by dual synchronous motor to ensure the rotating accuracy of pipes.The pipe material is fed from the left rear end of the machine tool, and the finished product is blanked from the left front end of the machine tool. The feeding and blanking are supported by a bracket.
The cutting head integrated with laser plate and tube adopts Chuangxin fiber laser cutting head and capacitor non-contact height automatic tracking system.The cutting head is designed by beam shaping, the beam quality is excellent, and the focusing lens equipped can be used for cutting plate of different thickness, so as to avoid the trouble of replacing different focusing mirror.

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