Customes Questions About Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

2023-01-28 17:08 Raychlaser

What metal can it cut? How thickness can it cut at most?


The fiber laser cutting machine is professional for cutting metal materials: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, iron, copper,brass and alloy. The maximum thickness is different between different materials. You can talk with our worker for more details.

What gas are used in the machine?

As we all know, fiber cutting machine must work with gas, it generally uses three kinds of gas: oxygen, nitrogen and air.

Long ago, oxygen was the most common gas used in laser cutting.After research found that nitrogen has a better cutting effect, can make the edge of the cutting material more clean and bright, of course, the three kinds of gas in the cutting material has different applications.

When cutting carbon steel, generally use air or oxygen, oxygen effect is better

When cutting stainless steel, nitrogen is used to cut the edge of the sample with black air, and oxygen is cut with yellow

An auxiliary gas is injected at the nozzle to supplement the process.This is an exothermic reaction — a chemical reaction in which energy is released by light or heat.Introducing nitrogen, oxygen, or air is more conducive to heat transfer than just using light beams

Consumable parts?

For the fiber laser cutting machine, the consumable are: Protect glasses, Focus lens, Collimating lens, Brass head, Ceramic ring, Cutting nozzle.
Protect glasses are consumables that are only found on the fiber laser cutting machines. They protect the focusing lens(es) of the cutting heads, then preserving their qualities and a long cutting.
The focusing lens for laser cutting is located at the cutting head, which brings the beam of light into focus.A good focal length lens ensures better focus and makes the cut smoother and cleaner
Ceramics ring are a terminal component of the profile tracking system during laser cutting. They are located at the end of the head, acting as a support for the nozzle.
The laser cutting nozzles are made of copper, which is the last part of the cutting head that is in contact with the sheet metal. It injects gas pressure into the cut, allowing the metal to be cut. For a better durability of your nozzles, you can consider buying chrome nozzles.

How can I maintain the machine?

Generally you need to pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the lens and whole machine. If you need more details, after you buy our machine, we have professional engineer to guide you how to do it.

How to shipping fiber laser cutting machine?

We will check and put all necessary spare parts on machine,then packed it by protect films, the machine will be shipped by 20ft container or 40ft container, it’s according the machine size you need.

What’s the payment way?

You pay the 30% as deposit, then we will arrange production for you. After finished machine, we will talk pictures and videos to you until you fell satisfied, then you pay the balanced money before delivery.

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